2020 is a year that would not be easily forgotten, pandemic rocked a civilised world and ravaged for long. A proof there is a God in charge, and that man is definitely neither invisible nor self-sufficient.

In the midst of this and many more, God still seek true worshippers, and those who seek Him find Him, beyond the way they can fathom. We have tasted of His might and what praises can do, that is why we cannot forfeit the mandate of #TheBeginning.

Given 2019, #TheBeginning marks the start of new things God promises to do even as we praise Him the more, we are ever expectant and excited by what hope we have in Him, it is amazing to be called His!

#TheBeginning will hold as a live studio and streaming session, looking to reach out to a wider audience with the power in praise, there is a God who never change yet is always unusual, we will experience Him move powerfully yet again! Would you not rather see it?!

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