The Ministry
New ‘Salem Ministry (formerly New ‘Salem Crew) is a Christian gospel musical group started in the year 2012 in Oyo, Oyo state, Nigeria. The name ‘New ‘Salem’ originates from Revelations 21:2, it means New Jerusalem, the City of God.
In November, 2012, the Ministry was first unveiled as a crew at Federal Government Girls’ College, Oyo at the event of a Praise Day organized that year; the ministry has since then moved on from strength to strength. The following year, the Ministry started organizing Annual Music Concerts.

Click here to see the list of the ministers in the ministry.

Our Mission
Reformation is the message we preach. Man was not born perfect; his sinful nature cannot inherit the New Jerusalem, city of God (Revelation 21:27) which is why he must be reformed, purified by the blood of the Lamb of God. Our mandate is to prepare mankind for His second coming (Revelation 22:7).

Our Vision
“Go ye therefore and teach all nations…” (Matthew 28:19) , our vision is to reach out to the whole world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.