Are you ready to end 2020 in #Praise?????
God is about to unleash #TheBeginning of New things. New Realms. New Revelations.

2020 is a year that will not be easily forgotten, a pandemic rocked our civilized world and continues to ravage, this is a proof there is a God in charge, and that man is neither invincible nor self-sufficient.

In the midst of this and many more, God still seeks true worshipers, and those who seek Him find Him. We have tasted of His might and what praises can do, that is why we cannot forfeit the mandate of #TheBeginning.

Join us for an evening of extraordinary praise on Sunday, December 27 by 2pm. Follow us @beginninglive on Facebook and Instagram to experience the live streaming.

God will be exalted, you will be elevated!