Ultra Powers in Godly Music

By: Femi Omotoyinbo

With the modernisation of every aspect of human life; music has grown so wild and fast, permeating deep into the marrows of the underdeveloped world where a click of tongue could make an album. Music from the word-go has been making life lively; mending broken hearts; prompting the lovelorn to move on. What music does, both wise and otherwise are broader than the scope of this article.

Let music be of any genre: Acid Jazz, Afro pop, Blues, Break beat, Down tempo, Electronic, Funk pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap & Hip-Hop, Vocal, World or rhythmic noises. It serves a purpose.
Looking holistically one would say there is power in music. But in restricted sense what would one say about godly music?

The enigmatic modernisation has made it almost impossible to segregate worldly music from godly music. Yet one should not say there are no more godly music. There are godly music and in fact they contain ultra powers.

Mediating deep into the Holy Bible as well as with the aid of the holy spirit, this article has been able to fathom more than four ultra powers in real gospel music.
In other words, this article will be giving full insights into the ultra-powers inherent in genuine godly music.
Whereas there is no power in godly music there are many ultra-powers ranging from:

Breaking of Barriers
Prophylaxis against Evil Spirits
Requital on despisers
Acquisition of divine glossolalia
God being in ones battle forefronts
Sign of Uprightness

The above ultra powers are not the only ones in a real godly music. There are still many more but the article restricts itself to this number with a loud affirmation that they are no where to be found in any other sorts of music.

Breaking of Barriers

God the Being of all beings promised the Israelites that He will take them out of their servitude under the Egyptians to a land where they shall be served with flowing milk and honey. The Devil, hearing this, summed up his caprices and shrewdness in other to make the task unachievable. Being a wonderful Jehovah, God laughed at the little evil being, Satan, and ridiculed him with signs like: Staff becoming Snake, Plague of Blood, Plague of Frog, Plague of Gnats, Plague of flies and many more, Exodus Chapters 7-11.

As persistent as the devil, he moved on shamelessly and created an enormous obstacle in the time of Joshua. The mighty wall of Jericho blocked the Israelites against the compass of the Elshadai.
The devil stood mocking, figuring out how many diggers will destroy such a great wall. But he was immersed in the highest ridicule when God through one of the smallest musical instruments destroyed the greatest barrier, Joshua 6:13-16.
If a passive instrument could do that what would the real music do?

Author Resource:->┬áThis article written by Femi Omotoyinbo, is part of his old write-up…but it is an affirmation that music has powers but Godly music has more than powers. It has ultra-powers. Femi Omotoyinbo is a Christian.

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